Trash Talk : EFTTC x Scalarama

We here at Eating From The Trashcan are delighted to be part of the Scalarama Film Festival 2015.

In association with the L15 Projector and Cinema Co-operative, we’re going to running our very own event and you should definitely all come. Join us for ‘Trash Talk’, a night of critical dicssion and live cultural analysis.

We’ll be talking about recent trends in film, cinema as communal spectacle, film advertising, the cross-over between Hollywood and Independent Cinema, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Throughout the night we’ll be using the liverpool-famous L15 projector to screen clips from various films, some film trailers, and a few surprises. Expect everything from explosions to Lynch. We’ll also have some exclusive zines with us too.

Excellent beer and coffee guaranteed, semi-decent conversation hoped for.
Join us at 1800 hours on Sunday 20/09/2015 at Golden Square Coffee on Wood Street, Liverpool.
And here’s the faceyb event, if you’re thus inclined to organise stuff that way.


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Day-time drinker & runaway traveller. Terrible sense of humour, always scruffy.

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